Saturday, October 29, 2011

!Vivan los Muertos!

Harvesting Terciopelos
Día de los Muertos is just around the corner, and Mexico is preparing to celebrate. A very colorful and busy time. I have made a small altar for Marie in my room in Hostal del Zocalo where I am now staying. I am sure she is relishing the colors and flavors laid out before her.
I have been here eleven days now and things fall into place nicely. I have rented a small, new house with two bedrooms,  kitchen, living room and small garden in San Andés Cholula, I will move in as soon as it is finished. San Andrés is a small, quiet pueblo about forty minutes outside of Puebla. I will trade English classes for cooking classes with the owner of the house, who lives right next door. Restaurante Casa Ricardo to open soon in Corvallis! Watch out Bombs Away!
Cempachutil or Flor de Muertos
 I have made some excellent contacts here to help me with my writing projects, thanks to my friend Javier in Corvallis. One is a writer and filmmaker who just finished a film on immigration, the topic of my book. I was also invited out to the pueblo de las flores, Atlixco, with a local campesino to cut and buy flowers for Day of the Dead. Tonight I am invited to a friend's daughter's quinceñera (15th birthday). The days seem to fly by and I find myself content and glad to be here. I learn new things each day.

 Peace, Freedom: Total absence of fear

The violence here is receiving lots of attention in the press. Most of it is along the border or in the state of Vera Cruz. Reports yesterday claim the government has driven the Zetas, the most violent of the cartels, out of the city of Vera Cruz into the isolated mountainous regions between the states of Vera Cruz and Puebla. Where I am is considered a safe area because many of the families of the "narcos" live in Puebla. They have not brought the violence here for that reason. In any case, the violence is very directed at cartel members, and little old men like me  do not have anything to fear!
I am including some photographs I have taken recently to give you a taste of what life is like in Puebla on a daily basis. Abrazos a todos, and thanks for reading this blog.
Sidewalk Ofrenda in Puebla

Worker's demonstration for jobs and better pay
Halloween in Puebla
Mexican bike path!
Church, San Pedro Cholula


krista said...

Hi Dick! GLad to see you there in Puebla! James is also in Mexico at the moment , somewhere southwest of la ciudad. I am going to the home of a Mexican friend for a birthday party tonight also! I will have him send you the tope poem soon! abrazos, Krista

Aulia Dees said...

Deek! It is so nice to read your blog and see your beautiful pictures. We miss you and send you all our love!

Aulia Dees said...

p.s. Aulia Dees is Erika! jajaja

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings...We all remember Marie and will have her in a special place in our hearts during this season...Great pics!!!!


S and B said...

What color and what a lot of activity for an old man...license plate light fixed!

Edgar Lampkin said...

Saludos hermano! I am so glad to hear you are off and moving on in your journey. Great pictures and thanks for sharing your pasos en Puebla. I hope you can go visit my Mom. She lives in Ahuehuetzingo, close Atencingo. Elodia y yo te mandamos muchos abrazos!

Arun said...

feliz dia de los muertos, amigo.
estory en chicago ahroa de trabajo... una conferencia de NAME-- National Association for Multicultural Education-- where we will have our Skipping Stones exhibit.
Dick, I plan to use your and Marie's Faces and Sketches of Mexico in the January - Feb issue. I will send you a draft next month.
Tenga una buena quedancia en Puebla,

Meathead Jr said...

Great blog Papito! Amazing colors in the pics. Just don't don't point the camera in the wrong place, we don't want the narcos getting suspicious!

Quena said...

I want pictures of you on the dance floor! Happy to see you enjoying Mexico. Looking forward to joining you

Guillermo said...

Did you remember your Lomotil?? Don't leave home without it. Your camera takes nice photos!!! Can you bring me a Pinata back!
Your bigger little brother!
Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

Carmel said...

Seeing all those wonderful colours, and the flowers, I hardly dare say 'wish I was there' but you know I do!
stay happpy and busy, Dick.