Friday, October 14, 2011

BeBop Cholula

It has been over two years since Marie and I returned from our stay in Tlaxcala, Mexico. Since fate has sent Marie off on her own adventure, I will head off on this one alone. I am sure that Marie will be with me in spirit, as I need someone there to make sure I keep sketching! Although I am leaving alone, I will have several good friends heading south to share some of my adventures. I will have this blog, Moving On, to stay in touch for the six to eight months that I am gone. My destination this trip is Cholula, in the state of Puebla. I have a couple of projects that I want to pursue. One is a young adult novel focusing on the "Derecho de no Migrar", the right to not migrate. Marie and I had done some work on the idea while we were in Mexico, and had planned to go back and continue. Since that was not possible, I want to do so now.
I have also scanned about 150 pages from Marie's Mexico sketchbooks. She was working on a book proposal entitled, "Faces and Stories: A Sketchbook Journey in Mexico. Right before her death, I promised Marie that I would do something with her Mexico sketchbooks. I am not sure yet exactly what I will do,but I have no doubt that being back in Mexico will spark my imagination and inspire me to do just the right thing.
I will try to keep my posts relatively short and do one every two weeks or once a month, vamos a ver. Hopefully I can successfully navigate the technological rapids that I am sure I will encounter in doing this blog. Hope you enjoy the blog and please keep in touch.


Lisa Ede said...

Thanks for setting up this blog, Dick. I promise to be a faithful and interested reader. Your projects sound fascinating and important; I'm glad to know that you are carrying on both your and Marie's work. Best wishes on your trip!

S and B said...

Volvo Runs!

OreGal said...

This is a wonderful blog! Great photos and nice descriptions. I sure like your guards!

Peace and enjoy!


Fran Riley said...

Hey Deek, it's good to know what you are up to, and we shared a few tears with you on your last post, We are now in Chiapas, and coming back up Mexico 16 Jan, will you still be in Puebla?
Abrazos Fran and Matt