Sunday, December 2, 2012

Southward Migration

The winter has arrived in Le Lot and this morning I awoke to snow falling wetly from the sky. Since I was wearing most of the clothes that I brought with me and was still cold, I decided it was time to load up my new van in preparation for my southward migration. Much to my dismay, I was informed that December is a very dangerous time to try to round Cape Horn in a van. So I went back to the drawing board and came up with a train ticket to Bordeaux and a plane ticket to Mexico City via Paris. I had to leave a few things at friends' houses here to get down to my one suitcase limit, but I did it! So tomorrow, December 3rd, I join the geese and head south.

But before I leave, I want to recap some of the highlights of my sejour in France and thank my dear friends who put me up (or put up with me) for two months. Since I am still unpacking my van and packing my suitcase, I have to keep this post short. I may rely more on photos to tell this story.

My stay here began and ended in Cazals, in le Lot at my friend Carmel's house. I must say, she has the nicest house in the village! My little apartment was cozy and comfortable, and I spent a good deal of time with her and Peter talking, laughing, sampling some of the fine vintages of the region, and enjoying tasty dinners together in the evening. I also spent some time at the new house that Peter built.
It is a work of art, very earth friendly and modern in style, and the view from the terrace is breathtaking! I will be anxious to see it when it is done and being lived in when I return in April.

My time in Villeneuve-Lez-Avignon was also a gift of friendship. Besides discovering my true identity as Duke Deek IV (previous posting) I also got a unique insight into Rue des Greniers, where my friend Helene lives. I was immediately included into a fine circle of friends who knew how to enjoy life.
Robert and Helene Live at the Chartreuse!!
My encounter with Robert Zurbach was a privilege. Not only did he share his true heroic story of WWII with me, but i also got to hear his incredible tenor voice resounding off the walls of the chapel in the cloister of Le Charteuse. Helene joined him and I was witness to a rare live concert that would have pleased Pope Innocent himself.

Le Chateau, our home in Goult
Our excursions lead us back in time to Goult, where we lived for two years from 1991-92. We had lunch at the Bistro de France, a turn of the century, family run restaurant, that was an experience in itself to dine in. And we had dinner with friends  that made my stay there very special.
Barman at Le bistro de France
Bernard, Francoise, Christiane, Helene et moi

As I prepare to leave for the warm, sunny land further south, I do so with much gratitude to these dear friends who have made me feel so comfortable and welcome in their homes. I never take for granted the wonderful friends that I have north and south, east and west. They give meaning to life and fill it with joy. Merci a tous!

View of the valley from Peter's place


Gregory McElroy said...

I enjoy reading your travel missives. You life has become a bon voyage!


Unknown said...

The life of a vagabond suits you, it seems. You are fortunate to have such good friends around the world. I hope your travels lead you to our door one of these days- it would be so good to see you again.

Sandy.Riverman said...

Today a friend told me that some people are like rocks, content to sit still, and others are like water, needing to flow. You seem like a water person, not content to stay long in one place, yet enjoying your time in each locale to the fullest. We all look forward to seeing where you land next, and what tales you'll have to tell from there.